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Three Elves and a Mage walk into a bar...

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My parents were watching Doctor Who, and I saw the actress Talulah Riley from season 4 "Silence in the Library" and said to my besty "Talullah 3 L's and an H" (as in season 3 they met a Talullah character). She thought I said "Three Elves and a Mage" since we were passing the xbox controller back and forth wilest playing Dragon Age Origins Awkening. Yeah, just about keeled over laughing.

Well! Happy 2014! Can you believe it's here? Weird. Going to be 26 in a couple months...dang.

I ran in the new year with Umi-chan! Seeing The Hobbit 2 (which was freaking awesome by the way!) and playing Left for Dead 2. I wish I could figure out a fanfic idea for Hobbit or Lord of the Rings (Oh Eomer/Karl Urban), but nothing's coming to mind.

But about a week and a half ago, I finished Dragon Age Origins for the first time! I accepted Morrigan's ritual (my poor Alistair was not thrilled), killed the archdemon, and went on to marry Alistair after seeing him become king! I was so proud of him. To avoid going into the madness I experienced after playing DAII the first time, I immediately popped the DAII disc in, so I wouldn't sink into a depression over the game being over. Oh Alistair... Jaysus Bioware! Why'd you have to go and create the perfect man! Seriously, he's perfection! I have an idea of a fanfic to write about with them, though I'm sure it's been done before, but you never know!

On my ff.net account, I have decided that I'm putting some fanfics away for retirement. They are: The Lost Boys (just can't get a good story in there), Robin Hood (Christian Slater, I love you, but I can't find a story for you either), and Twilight (I started writing it before the books exploded into something they shouldn't have become). Yes, they are sacked. I'll always love my Lost Boys and Robin Hood fandoms (goodbye Twilight, be forgotten!), but I can't waist my time struggling on it. I'm even thinking of putting my Escaflowne fics away for good. I did write them all out by hand and they were all done, but the stories are very Mary Sue ish (hey, we're talking 7th, 8th, 9th grade writings here). Escaflowne is my love, and it always will be, but I can't deny that I haven't touched them in over 5 years
Meanwhile, Newsies, Labyrinth / NeverEnding Story / Legend, and Young Guns are doing...okay. I want to be done with Young Guns though. Newsies is turning into something pretty freaking fantastic, and I'm always thinking about new senarios for Labyrinth / NeverEnding Story / Legend. Dragon Age, though, is currently my love, with the games feeling so intense, deviantart being a constant source of inspiration, and the fan soundtracks!

And this makes me so sad!

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