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A · Modern · Jo · March

Such a fan girl, but that's how I roll

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So when I was a child and everyone was watching the unamusing cartoons of nickelodian (spelling) with Rugrats, which I still find boring to this day, I was watching Hercules The Legendary Journies and Xena. Then for a while, I was watching Young Hercules religiously on Fox Kids on Saturdays, but I remember it being on either really early or later in the morning.

Well, since the release of The Hobbit I, I was looking up the actors on imdb.com, and I realized that the man who played Fili, is Iolaus. My world...go boom! I started rewatching the episodes...holy...wow. It's still hilarious to this day.
And with is video, 2:57 is probably my favourite moment of this video. Umi-chan commented about how she wondered how Herc and Jason have time to cheoreograph all their moves and yet still attend school. Seriously, this is hilarious.

And another because I'm feeling guilty.

I Breathe to Feel : crazy photo crazy.jpg Crazy, as a fan girl should be.
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