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Been a bad girl

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I've been writing on my lunch breaks, original and fan fiction. Also, I've been a bad girl at work sometimes...when it's been really slow and I'm all caught up on work work, I've been typing up bits of what I've written. It keeps me from nodding off. I am caught up with Young Guns to a point that I have to wait until I finish typing it all up, because I'm met the moment of my lemon scene. S'right, I wrote a smoldering scene with Chavez, and maybe a couple of years ago I would have been ashamed to admit it, I'm not anymore. It's an honest love scene with details; vs some awkward stuff featured in the new craze of erotic fiction, where sex scenes borderline abuse (yes 50 Shades, I'm looking at you). So my Chavez and Isabeau scene romantic and loving yet a little hot if I do say so myself.

Over the last 3 months, I've been playing Dragon Age II. I am in love. I finished it on the 18th...and I'm going through fan girl overdrive. Fan art, fan videos... If you'd like to see my video playlist, here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWNIoi21kPU&list=PLnoi91HAHqr24TsQnVhyzh8P6VjEMmJXn . I guess part of it is because I want more time with Fenris (whom I romanced), but a little piece of me wants to write a story for closure for Anders. Perhaps some would see this adoration as silly, but being 25 years old with no romantic prospects in my life...this is all I have.

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